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13 excellent chenin blancs from the breedekloof valley | House and Leisure

Written by Annzra Denita for House and Leisure


Linked by winding roads, farm dams dot the picturesque, mountain-flanked Breede River Valley in the Western Cape. It is also home to a host of wineries that have come together to elevate their craft, and their surroundings. The group, going by the moniker of Breedekloof Makers, has decided to make this area the go-to for Chenin Blanc wines. Chenin Blanc was the cultivar of choice for Breedekloof Makers (who started the collective in 2014) because of the region’s climate and geography, which is ideal for producing this wine. The 13 winemakers involved produce their own Chenins, each of which showcases their creativity, as well as the versatility of the wine. A common thread in these Chenins is a hint of stone fruit on the palate, but for the most part, each wine has it own taste, style and personality. Look out for these 13 2017 Chenin Blancs produced by Breedekloof Makers:

9. olifantsberg ‘lark’ chenin blanc

It has a clean-cut freshness with a good balance of stone fruit and citrus. Winemaker Elizma Visser wanted to make an elegant wine that expresses good layers of fruit and savoury notes.


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