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Pick a Chenin Blanc and Meet your Breedekloof Maker

Written by Emile Joubert for WineGoggle.co.za


I really thought hell would freeze over before a bunch of rural Breedekloof winemakers would be eating raw fish at an Italian joint in Cape Town while talking about their Chenin Blanc wines. And while hell is still blazing, apparently, it was cold enough to freeze the scrotum on a brass monkey when the Breedekloof Makers – aforementioned group of Chenin Crusaders – hit town to offer their current wares. Raw slices of red roman – Italian style at Riva Restaurant – optional.



The platform for presenting the latest 13 Maker offerings was said restaurant where the winemakers made personal visits to each table to speed-talk the guests through their wines. A thankless task if ever – imagine trying to tell the same story with the same amount of enthusiasm 13 times over.


But pull it off they did. All the winemakers were prepared, engaging and proud of their wines as well as the mission to get recognition for the potential of Chenin Blanc from the Breedekloof Region where the variety is grown in abundance and with vigour.



Olifantsberg Lark Chenin Blanc 2017: Yes, we lark it a lot, ek sê. Stands out from the Chenin crowd like a Theresa May dance move at a Gugulethu Wine Society. Extraordinary perfume of crushed green apples and wild river grass. Butter-cups, too. On the palate, an herbaceous and fynbos breeze offset by bread-fruit, custard apple and loquat kernel. Fresh and sunny, but truly memorable due to the vigour of its presence.


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